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Each program consists of:

1. A culture segment of about 4-5  minutes;
2. A feature piece of about 15 minutes;
3. A 90-second spoken word, often seasonally-appropriate  river observation drawn from hundreds of contributors to the annual Hudson River Almanac;
4. A short calendar featuring upcoming events;
5. A 90-second soundscape recorded at different places along the Hudson.

Feature interviewees include in-studios with Dar Williams and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger (Pete Seeger's grandson and member of The Mammals). Feature topics include an audio journey with a school group aboard the Sloop Clearwater, and on-board coverage of the scientists studying the effects on fish of the dredging associated with the World Trade Center disaster.  A storyteller tells the tales of how some places along the Hudson got their name, and we accompany a leg of the Great Hudson River Paddle, an annual kayaking voyage from Albany to New York City.

Culture segments include folk, ska and classical music pieces that were inspired by the Hudson, with brief interviews of their performers.  There are also pieces involving spoken word and theater related to the Hudson. Interviewees included Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen, Perfect Thyroid, Jerry Rasmussen, Constance DeJong, Rich Bala and Rick Nestler.

Staffing for the program included producer and program host Marc Breslav who oversaw two then student work-study assistants, Sean Anderson and Bat-Sheva Guez.  The students conducted research and editing, undertook technical production aspects, and reported some of the segments themselves.  Vassar professor Dr. Randy Cornelius provided institutional oversight.

This project has been funded in part by a grant from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund through the Hudson River Estuary Program.