Project Director Dr. Randy Cornelius is Professor, Department of Psychology; former Director, Environmental Studies Program; and Co-Coordinator, Vassar Journalism Forum at Vassar College.  He has been on the Vassar faculty since 1982.  He has been the Faculty Advisor to WVKR-FM since 1985, and is director of the American Culture Program. In his spare time, he performs music with Barebones and Wildflowers.


      Producer and Project Manager, Marc A. Breslav hosts The Hudson River radio program.  He founded and for 20 years has managed an environmental public relations, marketing and advertising firm based in Cold Spring, NY. He was founder and a faculty member of the Business and the Environment program at New York University's Management Institute.  Marc has been assocated with Vassar's WVKR-FM since 1994, where he hosts the biweekly music program Radio Eclectica on Thursday evenings.  He has hosted music radio programs at five other similar stations across the country, including the noted freeform community station serving New York City, WFMU-FM.
      He has also conducted other environmentally-related  radio projects, including for the American Museum of Natural History, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the bipartisan 1986 Committee for the Environmental Bond Act and the bipartisan New York League of Conservation Voters.  His print journalism work includes articles for National Wildlife and Natural History, among others.


      Assistant Producer and Digital Editor Sean Anderson received a B.A. in American Culture from Vassar College in 2003. As a Vassar student, he has had primary responsibility for segment and program editing, field and studio recording, mixing and post-production, and station fulfillment. He has also assisted with marketing the programs to stations.
      While at Vassar, Sean served in three executive posts at the college's community radio station, WVKR-FM. He began as Station Manager, a technical post with responsiblity for the maintenance of the studios and transmitter. He then served as Program Director, with oversight of all on-air staff and shows. Last, he was General Manager, the station's chief executive officer. During his tenure, he oversaw the design and installation of new on-air and production studios.
      Sean's training in audio production includes class work with
nationally-syndicated radio producer Jim Metzner and studies in Electronic Music at Vassar College, and advanced ProTools training at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. He hosts a weekly music program on WVKR-FM, and makes music with Moses Gunn, a local rock band.

      Assistant Producer, Researcher and Editor Bat-Sheva Guez graduated from Vassar College in 2003 with a B.A. in Film and a Correlate Sequence in Mathematics. In addition to her work on the production of Hudson River Radio as a Vassar student, she designed and built this web site.
      Her previous radio experience includes work for Jim Metzner's
internationally syndicated program Pulse of the Planet, conducting
interviews in Australia and New Zealand. She also records and mixes the audio tracks for her independent film productions.
      Bat-Sheva directed two short films this year. Children of the Moon is a documentary about two children and one young adult suffering from XP, a rare genetic disease in which exposure to any UV radiation from sunlight or lamps causes skin cancer. The film tells the story of three young people who must hide away from the sun and live their lives at night. The Winter Quilt is an experimental film mixing still images and animation techniques to tell a storybook tale of a young woman who overcomes a great loss through the healing powers of memory and creation. Bat-Sheva is currently working to show these films at local festivals.

      As a Vassar student, former Assistant Producer and Researcher Sha-lou Biray worked for one semester on the Hudson River Radio project






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